Marine Hull Insurance provides coverage for total (Actual Total or Constructive Total Loss) and/or partial loss, General Average and salvage. Vessel definition includes vessel’s hull and machinery, boilers and generators, tackle, spare parts and equipment. Coverage is determined in the contract of insurance.

P&I Insurance covers the ship-owner’s liability for loss or damage to third parties as a result of the vessel operation. Coverage is provided by P&I Clubs, mutual insurance clubs and commercial insurer P&I companies. Coverage is determined in the contract of insurance.

Cover designed specifically for vessels officers and crew, often arranged in circumstances where vessel is not entered with a P&I Club.

Coverage for damage or loss resulting from War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions, etc. Usually coverage is arranged separately to a vessel’s Hull and Machinery insurance and P&I. Trading in “Excluded” areas (as defined in the London Market’s list of excluded areas) is customarily subject to additional agreement.

Insurance designed to protect a ship owner for potential loss of earnings of a vessel resulting from damage or loss to the vessel. Cover is stipulated to respond in the event of a peril insured under the vessel’s Hull and Machinery policy.

Coverage provided in case vessel captured and ransom demanded. Ensures ship owner will be able to respond quickly and be supported by crisis management professionals, ensures safety of the crew and release of the vessel. Covers the ransom paid, professional’s fees and expenses, additional charges and legal expense.

Marine Cargo.
Yachts and Pleasure Craft insurance.
Builders Risk and Consequential Loss.

Cover for loss of or damage to all types of aircrafts, including the engine and other components. The insurance scope of cover is usually designed to cover the insured against all risks of loss or damage, except those which are specifically excluded. Coverage can be determined also depending on client’s individual requirements.

Aircraft owners and operators are exposed to the potential loss of large sums of money in consequence of the falling – off in earning power that might accompany the laying-up of an aircraft for repair following an accident.

This form of cover protects the insured against being required to pay the deductible on a hull policy, ie that part of the risk on the aircraft hull which has been retained by the insured and is not covered by the policy.

Protects the insured against liability to third parties and passengers, who may suffer damage or injury, as a result of the operation of the insured aircraft. Policy can be extended to include noise and pollution coverage.

The insured may effect cover in respect of engines, spare parts and other equipment, destined to be installed on or to form part of aircraft where this is his property or where it is in his custody and he is responsible for it.

Designed to cover against the risks of crew/passengers, sustaining injury, disablement or death as a result of an accident.

Cover for loss or damage as a result of war, strikes and riots, civil commotions , sabotage, hijacking of the aircraft and its crew.

Air Cargo.
Loss of License.
Airport Operations Liability Insurance.

Cover for the insured’s legal liability to third parties for property damages and bodily injury resulting from insured’s operations.

Cover for insured’s legal liability for damages in respect of a claim for bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties and arising from products produced by the insured.

Cover as regards to the liability of the insured conducting clinical trials. Policy follows Bulgarian legal requirements related to clinical trials.

Designed to cover claims against the insured for damages caused to third parties as a result from Insured’s professional errors or ommissions.

The liability of the employer to his employees, as defined in the Bulgarian Labor Code.

Carriers’ Liability.
Freight Forwarders’ Liability.

Cover for physical loss or damage of the insured property as a result of fire, natural hazards, earthquake, malicious acts of third parties, machinery breakdown etc.

Cover to protect insured for loss of earnings as a result of a physical loss or damage to the insured property or as a result of machinery breakdown.

  • Life & Personal Accident.
  • Cover for Accidental Death, Permanent and Temporary Disability, Medical Expense due to accident, Rent and others.
  • Compulsory Labor Accident Insurance as stipulated in Regulation 24/06.02.2006 and published in State Gazette 15/07/02/2006 for compulsory Labor Accident Insurance.
  • Health Insurance Packages, tailored to respond employers requirements.

Cover designed to protect companies and businesses balances for losses due to credit risks like payment default, insolvency and bankruptcy.

  • Flexible insurance solutions designed for the specific bank portfolio.
  • Bankers Blanket Bond.
  • Motor Hull Insurance.
  • Motor Third Party Liability.
  • Passengers’ Accident Insurance.

Crop insurance protects agricultural producers and farmers for loss or damage to crops due to natural hazards, such as:

  • Hail;
  • Wind storm;
  • Torrential rain;
  • Floods;
  • Frost;
  • Frost bite;
  • Falling aircrafts;
  • Etc.

Insurance provides protection to the yield of canola, sunflower, oats, barley, vineyard, fruit-trees, vegitables etc.

Usually, the Sum Insured per hectare is determined on the basis of a mutual agreement between the producers/ farmers and the insurance company. The Sum Insured cannot exceed the Actual Cash Value of the yield.


AIS Brokers Jsc offers independent consulting for specific insurance interests and requirements:

  • Due diligence of existing insurance programs
  • Recommendations for improvement of existing insurance programs
  • Comprehensive risk management solutions
  • Taylor-made solutions for specific contractual insurance requirements
  • Consulting and market researches for specific insurance products or comprehensive insurance programs


AIS Brokers Jsc services in respect of claims allows you to transfer the burden of negotiations, settlement and follow up of your claims to dedicated specialists.

Our team has the capacity and expertise to assist you in case of a claim by taking care of the communication with the insurance companies, adjusters, lawyers and provide you with an adequate advices at all times.