Third Party Liability Insurance

Cover for the insured’s liability to third parties for negligent acts resulting from insured’s operations. 

Products’ Liability Insurance

Cover for insured’s liability for loss or damage to third parties resulting from the use of defective product, produced by the insured. 

Clinical Trials Liability Insurance

Cover as regards to the liability of the insured conducting clinical trials. Policy follows Bulgarian legal requirements connected to clinical trials. 

Professional Indemnity

Designed to cover claims against the inured for his professional errors or negligent acts. 

Employers’ Liability

The liability of the employer to his employees, as defined in the Bulgarian Labor Code.


Carriers’ Liability
Freight Forwarders’ Liability


AIS Brokers JSC offers independent consulting for specific insurance interests  and requirements:

  • Due diligence of current insurance programs
  • Recommendations for improvement of current insurance programs
  • Comprehensive risk management solutions
  • Contractual language advises as regards to specific contractual insurance requirements
  • Consulting and marketing on specific insurance product or comprehensive insurance program


AIS Brokers Jsc service in respect to claims allows you to transfer the burden of settlement, negotiations and control of your claims to dedicated specialists.

Our team has the capacity and expertise to assist you in case of a claim contacting insurance companies, adjusters, lawyers, and provide you with an adequate advice at all times.