Hull All Risks Insurance

Cover for loss of or damage to all types of aircraft, including engine and other components. In airline insurance scope of cover is usually designed to cover the insured against all risks of loss or damage, except those which are specifically excluded. Coverage can be determined also depending on client’s individual requirements.

Loss of Use

Aircraft owners and operators are exposed to the potential loss of large sums of money in consequence of the falling – off in earning power that might accompany the laying-up of an aircraft for repair following an accident.

Deductible Insurance

This form of cover protects the insured against being required to pay the deductible on a hull policy, ie that part of the risk on the aircraft hull which has been retained by the insured and is not covered by the policy.

Third party Liability and Passenger Liability

Protects the insured against liability to third parties and passengers, who may suffer damage or injury, as a result of the operation of the insured aircraft. Policy can be extended to include noise and pollution coverage.

Aircraft Spares

The insured may effect cover in respect of engines, spare parts and other equipment, destined to be installed on or to form part of aircraft where this is his property or where it is in his custody and he is responsible for it.

Crew or Passenger Personal Accident

Designed to cover against the risks of crew/passengers, sustaining injury, disablement or death as a result of an accident.

War and Hijacking Insurance

Cover for loss or damage as a result of war, strikes and riots, civil commotions , sabotage, hijacking of the aircraft and its crew.


Air Cargo
Loss of License
Airport Operations Liability Insurance


AIS Brokers JSC offers independent consulting for specific insurance interests  and requirements:

  • Due diligence of current insurance programs
  • Recommendations for improvement of current insurance programs
  • Comprehensive risk management solutions
  • Contractual language advises as regards to specific contractual insurance requirements
  • Consulting and marketing on specific insurance product or comprehensive insurance program


AIS Brokers Jsc service in respect to claims allows you to transfer the burden of settlement, negotiations and control of your claims to dedicated specialists.

Our team has the capacity and expertise to assist you in case of a claim contacting insurance companies, adjusters, lawyers, and provide you with an adequate advice at all times.